About Us

Killawasi Holistic Center

I am Diana Oviedo, I take care of the land of Killawasi, which is in a eucalyptus forest surrounded by owls, hummingbirds, and little birds, with a view from the top of the mountain to the city in the distance. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks like Antisana and mountains like Pasochoa.

My father bought this land 20 years ago and he did it with the dream of it being a healing space for people, since he arrived here a temazcal was planted and a circle of ceremonies was planted. Now I guard this space with my family, my son Leonardo who is growing up in the possibility of being outside the city, and my daughter Emilia who loves to wake up with the birds singing. 

Here we have shared medicine for more than 15 years. We take care of the altars that our grandparents left us and our lives are at the service of people who are seeking to connect with the plants of power in safe and contained spaces.

I am a mother and a daughter, my profession is a chocolatier, and I am a sun dancer and a vision seeker, I like to cultivate the land because it transforms me, and together with my children we take care of the greenhouse in Killawasi. In my house, the Temazcal fire is lit twice a month, I share medicine in places where people are on their healing path, I do not consider myself a healer but rather a companion of these processes, the healing path is personal, and each one of us is responsible for walking it.

I welcome you to these places, which we open to connect with our inner being, spaces to stir the depths and open ourselves to the possibility of loving ourselves in different ways, praying to water, to life, to fire, to the air. Praying for our well-being and our spiritual growth.

Our intention is to provide guidance, companionship and safe spaces where you can connect with ancestral medicine to empower your personal discovery and growth.

Our collaborators

We Are Here For You

Brothers, family, I am Diego, a Walker aware of the horizons of ancestral medicine for several years. At the service of the fire in Killawasi and those places where there is a call to pray.

Cecilia Castro

I am a Mother, a Friend, a Sister, I am preparing my path to be a Yoga teacher, I have two beautiful children that I take care of with my partner and I like to share experiences with people. Sensitive to understand the human being from a spiritual point of view. I understand life from a perspective where paying attention to subtle energies allows me to create a path of self-knowledge and compassion with the beings of this earth.

Ximena Villacis

I am Ximena, from Guayaquil, mother, singer, teacher and eternal student. I have been on this path of search for truth and self-knowledge with the guidance of ancestral medicines and yoga, twelve years ago. I am part of Killawasi's support and very honored to do so.

Karina Paredes

I am Kary, my purpose is to create well-being through experiences of connection with the body, mind, spirit and nature. I share practical tools and techniques based on movement, yoga, self observation and conscious touch.

Pao Solis

I am Maria, Muyu Warmi. My therapeutic training and path of accompaniment has been woven through various methods to recover through movement, singing, meditation, nutritional contact, Master Plants and the art of clay, to turn them into medicine that nourishes the spirit, the body and the mind. I bring what I love to recognize each other from the depths and affirm the primal memory of well-being.