Killawasi is a beautiful space where for more than 15 years medicine, temazcales, singing circles, alternative therapies, dreams, laughter, friendships, birthdays have been shared, lives have been born and this land has seen our sons and daughters grow up. The doors in Killawasi are open to receive those who are looking for a space of containment, safety and care to connect with traditional medicines and nature.


It is surrounded by a eucalyptus forest with a wonderful view of Apu Antisa, home of condors. owls, quilicos, blackbirds, swallows, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, rodents, and snakes live in the Killawasi forest, and it is guarded by San Pedros and a Floripondium that emanates its scent every night and dreams those who visit us.
We are located in this wonderful forest and we have been lucky enough to have few families living here, so the central government does not contemplate generating large public works such as the sewage and drinking water system to preserve the native trees of this forest. Killawasi does not have drinking water to supply the space. Now we are getting our water supply from a tanker that brings water in some cases, in others, we cannot control the quality of water that the tanker brings. We store the water in 3 tanks that can contain 4000 liters of water, which means that we do not have constant water and that makes some projects difficult, such as planting fruit trees and vegetables. So, we have developed a project to collect rainwater to be used in the irrigation system and have a cistern to store 15 thousand liters of drinking water for the use of the common spaces and the main house.

For this project, we are seeking the support and financing of everyone who has ever visited us, friends, family, and relatives who feel in their hearts the desire to support this project to become a reality. We want Killawasi to have a water system to continue with our planting projects and continue receiving the family with all the comforts and clean, sustainable water to share.

For this, we opened a Crowdfunding among friends, family, and relatives to raise part of the money required for this work.
If you like to support and want to make a donation, write to me and I will tell you what are the ways to contribute and make this dream come true.

Water is a natural resource that, beyond being necessary, is vital for all beings that inhabit the earth. Water is not for the exclusive consumption of human beings and is the inheritance that we can pass on to new generations, just as we receive from our grandparents, great-grandparents, and 7 generations back.

Killawasi plants this project as an example of love for our children, and love for caring for water.

The Rainwater Harvesting Project has two stages, which are divided to be carried out within 4 months.

First Stage

The first stage includes the adaptation of the land where the cistern will be located for storing drinking water, the container will be able to store 15 thousand liters of water, this stage concludes upon completion of construction. The time it takes us to build this cistern is 4 weeks and it will be overseen by architect Adriana Ponce along with her work team.

Second Stage

The second stage of the project begins with the preparation of the land with 3 rainwater collection ponds in stands to create the natural water filters necessary to clean rainwater so that it can be used for irrigation of the greenhouse and the storage area—fruit trees. The land where Killawasi is located is a space of 1600 square meters of green area and 200 meters of built houses.

The total to be raised for the construction of the project is 12 thousand USD, the project is in the first part of execution, drawing up plans for the development of the main cistern and adaptation of the land where it will be built.

Upon completion of this project, Killawasi can produce organic food for 15 plant families and 10 occasional families.

This Crowdfunding aims to be a transparent project, so those who make their altruistic donations or purchase one of our donation plans will receive notifications of the progress of the water collection and storage system, in this way, they will be able to be a living part of this project and Who knows, let’s inspire in their hearts new, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ways to collect water.






(You’ll be able to input your desired donation amount and pay securely with a credit card or debit card via Payphone)



1.- The dates for withdrawals within the Donation Plans are from the year 2024 since we do not have spaces for this year.

2.- The Recipe Book will be delivered starting in December via Online so you can download it.

3.- If you are in Ecuador, the delivery of the Chocolate is Immediate.

4.- Donations of 800 USD or more and 250 USD are valid for one person.